Clipping path and Image editing service is not only a term; it defines the standards of your website. Present days, people like and love to surf the internet. Study shows that around 30% of visitors are like to purchase goods and products online. So you have a chance to accumulate this traffic and grow your sale. How? That does not mean we promote your business or do the marketing. We can do one thing that may be precise about your website content. Yes, we are here to take care of your product images. If you are a retailer, photographer or an image post-production agency, you are close to your check -out. What for ? Cut my-shot provide you the image editing service on a very competitive budget. We talk about the cost because nobody would like to spend a thousand dollars on image cut-out. So here we bring some extensive service and solutions.

Background removal

When it arises to clipping path, awareness of features is necessary for producing an imitative image. A perfect product cut out is important so that consumers will buy your products, and clients will love your web-shop photos. Even though images represent in your work, you get precise, clean clipping paths — always and every time.

At Cut My Shot, we all know it's necessary to form pictures that don't appear as if they were modified. This focus on detail leads to spectacular, realistic-looking photos. We tend to hand-draw each clipping path and picture cut-out with the Photoshop Pen Tool to confirm we've full management and may deliver the goods clean, finished edges on all pictures. Our dedication to providing quality clipping path services to assist you in meeting your tight deadlines and budgets. Professional, high-quality, clipping ways area unit what we tend to deliver — it's in our brand.


What we do ?

Clipping path

Drop shadow

Ghos mannuequin

We provide clipping path service by using Adobe Photoshop (Premium version). Clipping path service removes the unwanted objects of an image. After cut-out images, it produced a free-from layered. So, anyone can composite background as per their requirements.

Recover your product photo drop shadows. After background removal service, an image sometimes needs to recover the realistic shadows. This drop shadow service assists you in figuring out your product images cut-out.

Live models may be high-priced. A dummy, on the other hand, maybe a sensible one-time investment. However, you don’t wish to showcase the mannequin. That’s once the ghost mannequin service comes in.

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