When it becomes eCommerce image editing service Cut My Shot keeps the veteran role. Removes unwanted things, spots from an image background clipping path service is highly recommended. It makes the product line clear and represent a perfect shape. Cut my shot playing the experienced work by hand made Photoshop services.


Clipping path

Cost start from $0.19

Drop/Natural Shadow

Cost start from $0.49

Ghost mannequin

Cost start from $0.79

Up to 40% bulk order offer

Do you have high volume of images which needs to be edited! Then 40% bulk order offer is waiting for you. Contact us for the custom price.


Image cut out

Clipping path service

CutMyShot provides the professional clipping path service by its own graphics editor. All tasks are hand made by using pen tool. E-commerce company, Photographer, image post production companies can benefit and can free their staffs for creative use.

Shadow of product image

Shadow Recovery

Recovery a shadow from a product image is little bit of tricky. Most of client wants recover the shadow after the product being cut-out. Our experts use the channel mask to retrieve shadows. This can produce the shadow as it was with the original image. But off course all unwanted things have been removed. Also we can give the effect of drop shadow as per the client's demand.


Ghost mannequin

Neck retouch

Ghost mannequin, service specially for the clothing and fashion based online shop. There have many of products like T-shirts, Woman dress, Shirts comes along with the mannequin during photo shoot. Our Retouch specialist team makes the product perfect and give an outstanding real view. The product must be looked 3-Dimensional beside removes the mannequin.


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